“It’s not seeing myself 40 feet tall on a movie screen – it’s the work. That’s what thrills me.”……”I feel like if I don’t get a film and somebody else does, then that film never belonged to me. The ones I get belong to me.”…….”It’s really about the work – if you are doing it for the right reasons – really to illuminate the human condition.”……”I’m drawn to ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, which is a big part of the human condition.”…….”I think the movie business, you meet people, and you work intensely with them, and you have these relationships – there’s an intimacy to it and a familiarity to the relationship because you’re having to let go of all your barriers so you can let people in and work with them.”……”My roots allow me to let go of the fear of failure.”……”I’ve always been a people-watcher, and as an actor, later, I just mined all those little details.” -Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek
by David Shankbone


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